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Pink Umbrella
Pink Umbrella

Medical Equipment

Dedicated medical teams in developing countries face so many challenges. These teams struggle to provide the quality of care because they lack even the most basic medical supplies and diagnostic equipment.


Working with our RAWCS project partners, Pink Umbrella Foundation endeavours to supply new equipment to hospitals where it is needed. We try to ensure there are the skills to use the equipment and we may provide training funding where appropriate.


We provide Ultra Sound scanners, Foetal Dopplers, Oxygen Concentrators, Oximeters, Vital Signs Monitors and ECGs as well as clinic or hospital specific equipment in special circumstances.


Our equipment has proven to be life saving which makes us passionate about providing equipment to as many medical facilities as we are able.


Our guiding principle is that the equipment must be relatively easy and safe to use. It is desirable that the equipment is portable enough to be transported on outreach assignments where the need is great and the opportunity for acquiring such equipment is otherwise difficult. Our basic rule is that the equipment must be used for humanitarian benefit.



Our hope is for a global community where everyone has access to basic health care.

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