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We try to develop partnerships with sound organisations. These partnerships enhance our ability to increase our reach, knowledge and efficiency. We are constantly inspired by the passion and commitment of so many people working at “the coal face”. People who endure difficult conditions and a lack of basic resources yet deliver a quality of service and care. Passionate, committed, dynamic people lead strong teams. We  find time and time again if the leadership is strong the organisation is good at delivering their services.



Our Collaborative Partner

Pink Umbrella Foundation has established a strong collaborative relationship with Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS). For more information on this relationship click the RAWCS logo below.







Project partners

Currently Pink Umbrella Foundation is supporting 13 major projects. To find out more about these projects press on our partners logo to visit their website. 


Pink Umbrella

Above: Pink Umbrella Foundation Directors with Dr Levert supporting rural health initiatives, Bushikori Christian Health Centre, Mbale, UGANDA.

Alive Medical Services

comprehensive HIV/AIDS care

Namuwongo, Kampala, UGANDA


Childrens Surgical Centre

orthopaedic, reconstructive & eye surgery,

Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA


M'lop Tapang

working with street children

Sihanoukville, CAMBODIA



School for Life Foundation

reducing poverty through education

Katuuso, UGANDA


Bushikori Christian Centre

supporting orphans, widows and vulnerable children




New Hope Cambodia Children

holistic care for orphaned children


Takhmao District, CAMBODIA


All Ears Cambodia

providing ear health care and audiology services

Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA



Buwampa Medical Outreach

Buwampa, Ugganda.

Promise of Hope Children's Organisation

A community based organization that caters for vulnerable children

Nakasongola, UGANDA





Pink Umbrella
Pink Umbrella
Pink Umbrella

Pink Umbrella Foundation supports:

Above: Education at Fomu Central Primary School PNG.


Left: Alive Medical Services Clinic, Namawongo,  UGANDA.


Below: We-Actx Music program, Kigali, RWANDA.

Pink Umbrella
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