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Divine Mercy Nursery and Primary school

In August 2016 we first visited the community of Buwampa, Uganda. At that time Divine Mercy Primary School was a small school with 50 students and 3 mud classrooms. Since that time, we have worked with our amazing project managers Grace Anyeno and Okello Collins to support the development in the Buwampa community.

During 2017-2019 around 50% of our funding went to Divine Mercy Primary and Nursery school and the Buwampa community.

The results have been awesome!! 2019 has been a fabulous year. We are educating 478 students. We have an enrolment rate of 48.9% girl students compared to the Ugandan National average of 37.6%.

2019 has seen the completion of a multipurpose building which houses a clinic, administration offices, teachers staff room, a library and spare classroom. We have completed a new kitchen and storeroom. Another toilet block and 3 nursery classrooms have been built. We are working on more classrooms.

We have installed 3 water tanks plus 2 tank stand with feeder tanks to provide running water in the teachers houses and staff toilets.

We provided uniforms, scholastic materials, desks, chairs and support to our teachers.


In 2020 we introduced Montessori education to our Nursery school.


We provided full classrooms of Montessori resources. Our early development teachers are undergoing Montessori teachers training.

Divine Mercy 2017.jpg

Above: Divine Mercy 2017    Below: Divine Mercy June 2019 

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